About us

CandleYums is run solely by me, Constance. It's nice to meet you!

I live in Ottawa, Ontario. In October (2015) I was laid off from my job working for a small, local jewelry store. After working in retail/ customer service for 10 years I decided that I had had enough. I've always considered myself a bit of an entrepreneur and after a LOT of research... CandleYums was born!

After a Christmas season of shows all over the Ottawa and surrounding region and quickly starting a business, I can say I have found my passion. From finding and testing packaging, designing and making the candles, networking with other small businesses in my area, to tracking inventory, exploring different fragrances and candle making methods, I can only say I'm getting better and better and have truly embraced the challenges that come with being the sole proprietor of a small, unique business like this. I'm truly happy and I hope this happiness comes across in each cute cupcake candle!

I will tackle most special orders when it comes to design, fragrance, and quantity. Just shoot me an e-mail at anytime.

Unfortunately right now I'm focusing mostly on Ottawa sales, since shipping candles has proven to be a giant, costly pain in the butt. I post the shows I attend on my Facebook page, and keep track my inventory here! All candles and quantities are listed so feel free to browse and thank you for supporting my business!

Any questions please direct to my Facebook page, or you can e-mail me at ciesee@hotmail.com